Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pine Wood Derby 2013

In an attempt to document my family's life, I'm doing a bit of backtracking. In March the Cub Scout did a Pine Wood Derby. I'm the cub scout leader for the wolves and bears (scary, right?) so I took charge of decoration and food. As far as how to run a pack meeting or a pine wood derby race...I left that to more qualified people.
 Josh and Aaron hard at work shaping his car.
The finished product
 The race was a Western theme so I had all the boys take "mugshots." Then they made "Wanted: as an eagle scout" posters. Then they listed qualifications that they had. It was pretty cute and the boys were hilarious with their pictures. Aaron had come straight from swim (without a brush) so he naturally looked a wreck. The night of the event I was so busy setting up and such that I completely forgot to take pictures. We had made some really cute centerpieces (each boy was in charge of bringing one) and there were a bunch of big marshmellows that were dipped in chocolate and sprinkles with a note that said. "Please don't feed the bears (or wolves or webelos)." I thought they were cute. There was plenty of food and fun.
 After eating we got to the racing. Again no pictures of the actual race. Next year I will do better.
 At the awards, Aaron got his Wolf patch so I got to go up there to be pinned.
 Josh, Aaron, and Grandfather. What a handsome group!
 We had a little jail set up so the kids could take pictures. Doesn't he look like a menace?!
I think I'll leave this one behind bars.

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